Offset printing

The most common printing process in current use is offset printing. Today’s businesses, including publishers and newspapers, depend on the consistent reliability of offset printing. It is called offset, because the ink is not directly pressed onto the paper, but is distributed from a metal plate to a rubber mat where it is then set onto the paper. Offset printing can be done on a web printing press, one that use huge rolls of continuously fed paper, or a sheet fed press that uses sheets of paper. Both types of presses produce printed materials that can be cut to size after printing. Offset printing uses all of the latest technology in printing, including computers that aid in design. Computers are also used to generate instructions for the mixture of ink colors as well as their distribution to the paper.

Our modern  printing and binding equipment allows us to offer almost everything offset printing can accomplish. Softcover and hardcover book, magazine, brochure printing in sheet fed offset covering runs of 500-10 000 copies. Printing of folders, few-page stapled or glued booklets, perfect bound and stapled magazines, newspapers covering runs from 10 000 copies using web printing.

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