Magazine printing

Magazines have various missions and depending on that you should choose paper quality, finishing and binding of your magazine. Two binding types are recommended for magazine printing- saddle stitching and perfect binding.  Saddle stitching for magazine can be done with one, two or three staples. Small format brochures may be stitched by one or two staples. The maximum format of saddle stitched (stapled) brochures we can offer is 230x300mm, minimum format of stitched brochures is 105x148mm or even smaller.

Paper is also very important for magazine quality and price. For the big quantities of magazine printing it can make half of the price! If your target customer will only use your magazine once or twice, you can save on printing costs and choose very thin LWC paper and make a magazine selfcover. If the magazine needs to represent quality, we recommend to make it perfect bound with laminated cover on higher quality paper. The minimum thickness of the back  for perfect bound magazine is 3mm. We recommend to glue thick coated paper from 130g using thread sewing. The maximum format of glued brochures we can offer is 297x420mm, minimum format of glued brochures is 105x148mm or even smaller.

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