Softcover printing

Softcover books are the most popular printing product of all. Must be because you can choose form very many options of inside paper color, weight, book size, number of pages, cover paper and finishing. Cardboard from 170g to 300g is usually used for paperback cover. Laminated by gloss or matt laminate or varnished. It is not just a decorating detail- it protects the cover from paper breaks and various scratches and staining. The paper chosen for the inside of the book may be uncoated, bulk or coated paper. Softcover book can be perfect bound or thread sewn. Paperback interior pages is mostly printed in mono-color, or black and PMS color, or only PMS color. The thickness of the softcover spine is allowed from 3mm to 60mm. We offer UV varnishing, laminating, foiling, relief marks for production decoration. You can choose from a wide range of binding materials and a large assortment of paper types.
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